Welcome to Smartphone Training - One to One


Is the Smartphone age leaving you behind?

Today the development of technology is increasing at a phenomenal rate. The cellphone has become a computer.

The advantage of Personal Computer Training is that it can be done at the pace that suits you, and focused on your own requirements.

The internet is almost limitless and, as part of my One to One training, I will discuss the areas you would like tuition on and then help you achieve your goals.

Beginners and seniors welcome, Tuition classes for Android or IOS, Samsung or Apple. iPad, Tablet and windows Personal Computer.

Are you thinking of buying a Smartphone? Get advice of which one to buy and then help on setting it up.

Very often beginners need encouragement and help to get over the first few hurdles and then their skills can develop.

Remote training - If the distance is too great I offer remote training using Video calling through, Facetime, WhatsApp or Skype. Please contact me for details.

Do you know a relative or friend who would benefit from private tuition on their Smartphone, Tablet or Windows Personal Computer?

For further information please contact me on +44 7397 306394.